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Securing your Web Server using Let's Encrypt and Certify-The-Web

The internet is not a secure place. If you’re not aware of this fact just google “ computer security stories ” or “ data breaches ” and click on the first few links that come up. All content on the internet needs to be secured. This article focuses on the secure transmission of data between your browser and the website that you are connected to. This is known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure ( HTTPS ).  In order to secure communications certificates are used to encrypt data between you and the web site. A Certificate Authority (CA) is an entity that can issue, renew and manage these certificates. Take a situation in which you are interacting with your bank via its web site. You expect: that: The transactions, balances and other information from the banks IT systems are for your eyes only and no one can intercept these transmissions by introducing themselves between your bank’s computer and your device. This is known as the man-in the-middle attack; No one can manipulate