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Advent Calendar 2023 Promotional Video

Advent Calendar 2023 Promotional Video created in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Watch till the end!   Follow This, That and Maybe , the Other:

Suggest links for Great technology links — Great learning at zero cost

If you discover a link for inclusion in the Great technology links - Great learning at zero cost share it as a comment.  Only forward a link if:  You have personally verified it by consuming and following the content. Don't simply forward an email you found in your inbox or on social media.  It's free. Free means without restrictions, without limitations, and without having to take any action to use the content.  It is about technology (broadly speaking).  It's in English.  It's Legit. Follow This, That and Maybe , the Other:

Great technology links - Great learning at zero cost - November 2023

Computers and the Internet Type: Training Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that produces multimedia lessons covering mathematics, science, economics, life skills, languages, and many other subjects. It also offers courses from partner sites. The lessons on Khan Academy are aimed at both students and adults. For students, the content is classified based on the US education system. Khan Academy was founded in the early 2000s by Sal Khan. He started tutoring his cousin in math. Eventually, Khan made the lessons available on YouTube. The Computers and the Internet module consists of five units, each broken down into short modules. Those who take the course earn master points. Snap! Type: Programming Snap! is a graphical programming language for both children and adults. Snap! uses coloured j

The Benefits of AWS DirectConnect

AWS DirectConnect enables organisations to establish dedicated and private network connections between their data centre and AWS Availability Zones. This service provides a secure, reliable, and high-bandwidth connection, creating a direct, Point-To-Point (PTP) link between the organisation and AWS. Without DirectConnect, data would have to be transmitted over the public internet. This adds an added risk that organisations may want to avoid. Without AWS DirectConnect: The organisation would have had to expose its data centres via public IP addresses because connectivity to AWS would take place over the internet. On the public internet there may be nodes that operate the harvest-now, decrypt-in-the-future surveillance strategy that relies on the acquisition and long-term storage of currently unreadable encrypted data awaiting possible breakthroughs in decryption technology that would render it readable in the future. When using the public internet, the maximum possible perfo

How Software Obsolescence Impacts Organisations

Any organisation that uses software must deal with the topic of software obsolescence. Irrespective of whether end users interact directly with it or if it is embedded within a device, the day will come when the software is outdated and no longer supported. Software obsolescence happens because of technological, functional, regulatory, and security factors, or a combination of them. Organisations mature and evolve through mergers, acquisitions, organic growth, and changes in company direction. Each one of these adds systems that will someday become obsolete. Ignoring software obsolescence has consequences, namely: Security risks: Outdated software is more likely to have known security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Compliance risks: Organisations that use outdated software may be in violation of government regulations. Performance issues: Outdated software may not run as efficiently as newer software and may not be compatible with newer hardware. Compatibilit

TT(M)O logo and amination sequence

This, That and (Maybe) , the Other   has a new logo and animation. The shorthand version TT (O) M. Hope you like it.   Follow This, That and Maybe , the Other: