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HOWTO Secure the msmtp configuration file using libsecret's secret-tool password manager store and switch from Google to Microsoft SMTP servers (Ubuntu)

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HOWTO Send an email using Gmail from a system configuration using msmtp and heirloom-mailx (Ubuntu)

Links Permanent location of video version: Permanent location of text version: Introduction and Scope The following procedure describes the steps to follow to create a solution what will send out an email. This was verified on Ubuntu (both server and GUI platforms). The setting will be stored as a system configuration rather than a user configuration (in which each user have their specific settings). The reasons to configure the solution to use a system configuration are: 1. The settings are global and can therefore be used by multiple  users. 2. One can send an email before a user has logged in.  In this HOWTO we program the system so that it send an email whenever the computer boots (no user yet logged in). 3. There is only one configuration to maintain. We will be using as msmtp. Msmtp is a simple SMTP client. The documentation page for this product is at https://wiki.archlinux.or

Samsung SmartTV's do not have any memory for security updates and user-c...

When a technician asks you to reset your Samsung TV to make more memory available send them to this page. The problem is not you but Samsung's TVs and their corporate agreements.

20200719: 105km Bike ride

HOWTO find the latest firmware for your Samsung SmartTV model on Samsung's Support Website


HOWTO Find out the full model reference of your Samsung SmartTV and the installed Firmware version.


113 km bike ride

102 KM Bike Ride

HOWTO Setup a Plex Media Server (PMS) Appliance on an Ubuntu Server

Description The first of a three part series that guides you through all the steps to create, setup, load and maintain a Plex Media Server (PMS) appliance running on a computer running Ubuntu Server OS. This will result in a low overhead solution that can be run on less demanding computing hardware.  The tutorial makes it very easy to interact with the appliance by allowing owners to access it from the familiarity of their Windows computer. Source of these notes:

20200614: 111km Cycle Ride

20200607: 105Km Cycle Ride

Samsung must do the right thing and provide a remedy regarding faulty Smart TVs

It would be safe to say that the South Korean conglomerate Samsung produces almost anything under the sun. It is present in every market and dominates or leads in most. Many-a-times Samsung gets it right but sometimes it does not. This is one story when Samsung got it wrong and how Samsung is blatantly breaking the consumer protection safeguards aimed to protect customers from this type of behavior. Samsung is producing internet connected Smart TVs that are not able to be updated with functional and security patches. Many of these TVs are under warranty and some are still being sold to date. Various models are impacted by this design flaw although this article will focuses on the NU7xxx series.  Smart TVs come with memory that serves the following purposes:  Store and run Apps such as YouTube, Plex, Twitter, Facebook.  Run security functions that protect TV owners from being hacked, spied upon and having their Personal Data protected at all times.  Provides a place into which Samsun

HOWTO: Block Malware or Adult Content Sites on your computer

Protect yourself and your loved ones It is possible to set up your computer so that sites that dish out malware as well as sites that are of an adult nature are prohibited from loading. Even though adults may have varying opinions regarding adult-related content, one can universally agree that there is enormous benefit to protect against sites that can harm the privacy and data belonging to computer users. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending less time going out and about their daily lives. They spend more time clicking links, engaging with virtual persons and roaming the corners of the internet they would have in the pre-COVID-19 days. Parents with children have a double whammy because additional curious minds and hands are spending time on family machines. HOWTO Below is a guide that explains how to you configure your computer so that these sites will not load on your computer. Rest your mouse on the network icon for a few seconds. It’s normally located on t

HOWTO: Protect your computer from accessing Malware and Adult Content sites


105 km Cycle Ride

20200315: 113km Cycle Ride

Personal Best (Distance) The Corona Virus has resulted in restaurant shutdown and people going out visibly less than normal (even though there is no official lockdown).  At the start of the ride there was little traffic but towards the noon families with children of all ages were strolling. 

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20200223: 104km bike ride

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The shortest guide on how to protect yourself online?

T-N-O   ·          If in doubt don’t click it ·          If it is too good to be true then it is ·          Your boss will not come to you for help on topics that are not your job description ·          Use your phone: If you need to confirm an email call the sender ·          Does it look right to you -- is it phrased well / is the style of writing the same as previous exchanges with the person / do the links appear to related to valid websites? ·          NEVER install any program specially to do something that is illegal (watch pirated content, visit blocked sites, …) ·          Finders Keepers – User Weeper – That USB you picked up could infect your computer ·          If you think you got infected, disconnect the computer from the network or power it down and contact technical help ·          Ask Trust-No-One