Healthy Eating Game Piece set available for Reach your goal SnL

The set is available from

In order to install the Healthy Eating Game Piece set for Reach you goal SnL you need to: 

Have Reach your goal SnL installed 2. Extract the contents of this archive to %PROGRAMDATA%\Reach your goal SnL\Game_Piece. You can delete the default Game Pieces if you wish. 

 Program Source Code: 


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A person, on average, interacts with 89 different websites per month and has to memorise an average of 191 passwords.  Different design paradigms used by the 1.9 billion websites means that there is no pattern on how tough their password requirements are and how securely they store and safeguard user credentials.  A typical person interacts with the internet through about 4 different devices. Some sites implement different technologies for different devices thereby complicating things in a bad way. Besides surfing activities, people are starting to connect electronic devices to the net. Each IoT (Internet of Things) device has its own credentials to log into its interface and may have addition credentials that allow it to call home. This further contributes to the list of usernames-passwords that need to be managed.

It is humanly impossible to satisfy the good practice security essentials in today’s online digital world. And the real-world cases seem to support this; the 10 most common…

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