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Great technology links - Great learning at zero cost - June 2024

Comparing the Predictive capabilities of AI Engines Introduction In this edition of Great Technology Links, we will focus on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We discuss four products rather than the usual three and will compare their outputs and, in the process, highlight certain limitations of these tools and of AI in general. AI technology can be divided into two categories: Generative - This category describes AI engines that are able to generate output based on prompts. Examples of such output include text, graphics, audio, and videos. For example, in this study, the graphic generated by CoPilot is an example of generative output. Predictive - These AI models ingest massive amounts of data and, based on the source material, provide knowledge-based (expert-systems) output or extrapolate into the future. The analysis focuses more on the predictive aspects of the evaluated AI engines. The AI Engines The four AI engines that were analysed are: Anthropic Claude : h