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In The Distance

The air, crisp and cool, hung heavy with silence. A particularly heavy mist softened the landscape. Although it had already dawned, the sun was just starting to contribute the yellows and reds to the scene in front of me. The landscape looked like an ethereal dreamscape, the type one sees in dreams after they’ve consumed a heavy meal the evening before. And in the distance, I could see the outline of a church, standing alone in the distance. Its spire appeared insignificant yet, at the same time, noticeable, like a weathered finger pointing heavenward. As I continued my walk, the mist slowly dissipated, but the moment had been recorded. Follow This, That and (Maybe) , the Other :

docX2csv: Microsoft Word Style Summary Creator

Introduction What is docX2csv ? docX2csv is a tool that takes a docx document and creates an indexed summary of the content. If this were a standard feature of Microsoft Word, you would find it in the references menu next to the Table of Contents (ToC) option under the Reference menu. You can think of docX2csv as the table of contents option on steroids. How did it come about? docX2csv was developed to help with the generation of a RACI matrix from a long and constantly changing document. Multiple people were contributing to this document, and the matrix ended up being out of sync constantly. Having to manually work through the document to update this matrix was very time-consuming and error-prone. On the other hand, the ToC was a breeze using the built-in option. With the ToC, the only action was to right click on the existing table of contents and rebuilt it. Just like the ToC option, docX2csv uses styles to generate its output. What are the use cases? The use cases for

How to clone and synchronise a GitHub repository on Android

Introduction This project describes how I synchronise my  LogSeq  folder on GitHub on Android devices. I wanted to be able to work on topics in LoqSeq on my Android devices besides my PCs. Most of the screen shots and references relate to LogSeq, but you can adjust them to your needs. The solution described here is one in which the synchonization with the repository will be manual. In this scenario, one would synchronise with the repo before opening the tool (LogSeq in my case) and update the repo again when you're done. The Steps ( skip if you want to jump directly to the actions ) This tutorial describes how to install  Termux  on an Android device.  Termux  is an open-source Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application. After Termux is updated and running, a folder on the Android device is mapped to Termux.  GitHub  is installed, and the repo is cloned to this folder. The Termux folder used for the repo has to be  reflected  from the Android end so that any a