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Peace and Tranquility


The need for Proactive Regulators

  Financial regulators need to improve how they handle topics raised by the general public against institutions they are expected to regulate. Their role shouldn’t be seen as simply transposing   documents from the EU inbox to the Maltese outbox. As a regulator they need to be able to take a harsh stance against those institutions that abuse their dominant position in the market and need to take a proactive stance when the general public raises the alert of a wrong-doing. Fines need to be imposed on those organisations that break the rules. And all throughout the investigative process the public in general and the impacted stakeholders in particular need to be made aware that their case is still being worked upon and has not fallen into some crevice. When cases are concluded it should be made clear what the outcome is and what remediative action has been decided. Take the case of Bank of Valletta plc (BoV). This institution decided, after a few posts on social media platforms a

Mdina and Mtarfa

  Mdina   ( Maltese :   L-Imdina ), also known by its titles   Città Vecchia   or   Città Notabile , is a   fortified   city in the   Northern Region   of   Malta   which served as the island's capital from antiquity to the medieval period. The city is still confined within its walls, and has a population of just under 300, but it is contiguous with the town of   Rabat , which takes its name from the Arabic word for suburb, and has a population of over 11,000 (as of March 2014). Source and more: Wikipedia Mtarfa   ( Maltese :   L-Imtarfa ) is a small town in the   Northern Region   of   Malta. A chapel dedicated to St. Lucy was first recorded in 1460, and is still standing to date. A clock tower, now a prominent landmark of Mtarfa, was built in 1895. A naval hospital,   RNH Mtarfa, was built during   World War I . A   chapel dedicated to St. Oswald   was built by the British after the end of World War I. Source a