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Happy Halloween


Covid-19: Your Choice, Your Rights, Your Obligations

  If we lived under a totalitarian regime, Covid guidelines would be taken by a few bureaucrats in isolation and the population would be forced to follow the rules. If we lived in an anarchy, we would theoretically do whatever we wanted, but, in reality, this type of society benefits the strongest and most powerful with most of the population ending up abused or subservient to those who are mightier. With respect to   Covid, the mighty would have local and foreign health systems to fall upon while the rest of the population left to manage (and die) at the margins. This article is aimed at those of us who live in a democracy. Democracies aren’t perfect, yet they currently seem to be the best option around. Under a democracy, citizens have rights and obligations. Every few years citizens have the opportunity to decipher the events that have taken place during the ending legislature, combine that with the promises being made by those participating in the electoral race, listen to or i

Happy Halloween 2021


Covid-19 - Your choice, Your responsibility, Your obligations

  You might not want to get vaccinated, and that is your right. But in a democracy others have rights too, and the majority reigns supreme.  You are in a minority and must pay for your right to increase the risk of society getting sick and they not being able to enjoy life.