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Let the Maltese Language Live

Dictatorships are unpopular and the popular belief is that one day, someday, they will be eradicated.   I am unable to understand why the National Council for the Maltese language seems only interested in playing dictator with the language. The current trend seems to be that of phonetically Malteseizing foreign words; many a times foreign technical words.   I was researching the Maltese dictionary for Microsoft office and came across the page below.   Why Dawnload and not Download; why Softwer and not Software. In the same page we have words such as interface, drivers, patches, update and suite that have not yet been phonetically converted into Maltese. Hop over to for a list of words in the English language of foreign origin. Any adjustment to the original word was either to accommodate a non-English alphabet and because, over time and in a natural manner, it adjusted to the n