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Monetization on the Internet

Companies that are active on the internet do so because they hope that this medium will allow them to have a positive impact on their revenue stream. A large majority of companies use the internet as a point of presence like a virtual showcase or trade directory to highlight their goods and services. They setup a static or semi static website with an “About Us”, “Our Products/Services” and “Contact us” pages. Their internet presence is an economical (half-hearted?) way to justify a WWW address on the business card and it looks nice with the matching email address. Then there are companies that are out to actively monetise. They are using the internet as a major revenue stream. Some organisation’s revenue source is uniquely through internet activities. This article focuses on these organisations. Internet monetization can be categorised as follows: 1. Direct sales of goods and services. This model mimics the model in which the client “picks” a product or service off a shelf and p