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HOWTO prevent unsolicited Google Calendar entries

Introduction If you discovered this article because you’ve experienced a similar occurrence please note that Your GOOGLE account was not hacked. This is a way spammers are trying to get you to interact with them.  Yesterday the calendar notification on my phone got triggered a few minutes past midnight. While I am particularly careful not to set alarms to go off during the night it sometimes happens.   Since I’ve made it a policy not to take my phone to bed with me, I got up walked to the table on which the phone was sitting and checked what was the notification associated with the chime. The notification read “ Your iPhone Xs is ready for PickUp ”. I hadn’t created this reminder nor had I accepted a request from a third party on this topic.   Rather than go back to bed I decided to dive into the topic and investigate. If you are not interested in the analysis of the topic jump to the section “ How do I prevent th

Smog - LA 1967 vs Malta 2019

  LOS ANGELES JANUARY 27TH, 1967 AT 3:30 P.M. MALTA AUGUST 28TH, 2019 at 8:30 A.M.

Why the British electorate need a referendum on how the relation with the EU will pan out

Between the 18th and 20th century, the United Kingdom acquired territories making it an empire in which there was daylight somewhere over it (hence the saying the empire on which the sun never sets ). After WW2, the sun began setting when the attitudes towards colonisation began changing and the reaction and demands of the territories made the cost of maintaining the empire prohibitive, more so when Britain was considerably a poorer country and less of a world leader exiting the war. Fast forward to the Conservative party led by David Cameroon. In an effort to win another term for his party, he tied the general election result to an EU referendum. The British voter was presented with an ultra simplistic option: Leave the EU or Remain within the EU. While Mr Cameroon was on the Remain side, the outcome of the referendum that was held in June 2016, gave the Leave campaign a majority. Mr Cameroon quit as party leader immediately after the referendum result was announced. Theresa May

100km Cycle [20190818]

HOWTO use CloudBerry Lab Remote Assistant in a secure and efficient manner

Contents Introduction. Abbreviations. Why would I need to use CRA?. CRA versions. How is the tutorial organised?. How Do I…      Run Remote Assistant Quick Support (applies only to CC).      Install Remote Assistant Full Version (applies to AC and CC).      Prevent a computer from being a CC (applies to AC only).      Harden / Restrict access to the CC (attended mode).      Only share an application on the CC (attended mode).      Enable hardened unattended access to the CC. Configuring CRA.      Enable encryption.      Setting the PIN length / duration.      Enabling unattended access.      Setting the type of access for incoming connections.      Prompt for incoming connections.      Share a specific application.      Prevent CRA from accepting new connections. Installing CRA.> Remote assistance and hack attacks.   Introduction CloudBerry Lab is a company better known for its backup solutions and if you’re i