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Password Generator GUI (Python w/TKinter)

  This utility will allow you to generate a password based on the symbol sets you specify and desired length. The password is copied to the clipboard for easy pasting. Property Details Password Length From 1 to 100 Use Numbers Generated password may include [0-9] Use lower letters Generated password may include [a-z] User upper letters Generated password may include [A-Z] Use special characters Generated password may include [`~!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]|:;"'<>,.?/] Force 1st char as number / letter The first character of the password cannot be a symbol Avoid confusing characters The password will not include the following [lIO01] The Generate Password button is used to produce a new password. On Windows and Mac systems the generated passwords are automatically copied to the clipboard making the copy icon redundant. On Linux systems a  Not implemented error  could be thrown. The utility should work around this limitation. For information on how to install this functionality