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HOWTO: Block Malware or Adult Content Sites on your computer

Protect yourself and your loved ones It is possible to set up your computer so that sites that dish out malware as well as sites that are of an adult nature are prohibited from loading. Even though adults may have varying opinions regarding adult-related content, one can universally agree that there is enormous benefit to protect against sites that can harm the privacy and data belonging to computer users. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending less time going out and about their daily lives. They spend more time clicking links, engaging with virtual persons and roaming the corners of the internet they would have in the pre-COVID-19 days. Parents with children have a double whammy because additional curious minds and hands are spending time on family machines. HOWTO Below is a guide that explains how to you configure your computer so that these sites will not load on your computer. Rest your mouse on the network icon for a few seconds. It’s normally located on t

HOWTO: Protect your computer from accessing Malware and Adult Content sites