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Donald Trump - The Disruptive President

65 million years ago a meteor hit the earth. It turned the existing echo systems upside down and inside out and spelled the end of the dinosaurs. Out of all the mayhem mammals evolved the mammals that ultimately gave rise to human beings. In business we normally speak of disruptive technologies. Disruptive technologies are products, services and processes that create new markets. These new markets elbow out existing markets with incumbents being negatively impacted as their market either ceases to exist or is redimentioned to insignificance. For example the smartphone and tablet technology has impacted broadcast TV, newspapers, CD sales, watch sales and how we meet and enjoy each other’s company. Is President Trump the first case of a Disruptive President? Even though there have been 44 other Presidents before him, he has demonstrated a disruptive characteristic in the following areas: Speaking his mind out. It is not the use of technology that makes President Trump disr

To Marsascala and Back

The 3dpedia of stuff

If you are looking at a famous painting in a museum more likely than not you are looking at a copy. The replica albeit very accurate high definition copy of the original is not the original. Some museums choose to put replicas up to safeguard the work of the master from theft and all the grime and pollution millions of visitors generate through their sweat, breath, cameras and selfie sticks. Rest of the article on IAPetus ( The newsletter of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers)