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A brief history of Open-source Software and how you can be part of the action

The journey In the 1950s and 1960s, computer systems came bundled with source code that had to be compiled. Because of the high acquisition and operation costs of computers, only universities and large companies could afford them. These same entities had the resources to find and fix bugs in the code and add functionality to meet their needs. Rather than keep these changes close to their chests, a sense of community emerged wherein the source code with code adjustments was shared with others. The idea lies in the sharing of knowledge. As the number of users and the contributions increased, it became necessary to catalogue and coordinate these contributions, and repositories were created. These repositories allowed users to search for code that added new functionality or corrected a bug. The community would iteratively take the code and compile it on their systems. If they improved the code, they would upload these improvements to the repositories, benefiting others. Placing code in t

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a TTS (Text-to-Speech) service that, according to Amazon, uses deep learning. The GUI interface is straightforward; one selects one of the two engines, Neural or Standard. Neural is more human sounding. Languages and voices can vary depending on the engine. Voices reflect the dialect, register, and jargon that are typical for a region or country. For example, under English, there are Australian, British, Indian, Irish, New Zealand, South African, US, and Welsh variations. Once the language is selected, the Voice drop down list is populated with available voices for that language. As with languages, certain voices are only available for a particular engine. Voices vary in pitch, loudness, speed, and tonality to simulate different ages and sexes. These controls make it possible to generate speech as a young girl or an old man. There is an option to enable Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to fine-tune the generated output. Amazon supports a subset of the W3C SS

Great technology links - Great learning at zero cost - October 2023

Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Complete Course   Type: Course The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 is the first step towards a career in Microsoft Azure. This website contains the entire course, including video tutorials, cheat sheets, study aids, and practise tests. The first seven episodes are excellent as a general introduction to Cloud concepts. Following that, the focus shifts more towards Microsoft's own Cloud solution. This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the cloud, learning about Microsoft Azure, or comparing Azure options to AWS services. This course is three years old. Anyone planning to take the AZ-900 examinations should be informed that the course curriculum has changed. TechDirt   Type:  Podcast This podcast is for you if you're interested in legislative technology policy and politics surrounding issues like the US's 26-word Section 230, EU legi

Multiple villas on 30,000 square meter olive, carob and almond grove

Immersed in the beautiful Sicilian countryside in quiet and peaceful surroundings, multiple properties on 30,000 sq m of land with olive, carob, almond and prickly pear trees. The property is located in San Giacomo, Ragusa - on the island of Sicily (Italy). On the property there is: 1. A fully furnished, ready to move in house. 150 sqr mt. Will be sold with contents. 2. A 55 sq mt studio apartment currently being used to store wood and tools. 3. A 180 sqr mt derelict property that is registered and can be developed "no-questions-asked" 4. A potential for a 4th property   Additional photos, and official plans available on request. To book a viewing appointment email or WhatsApp on +356-9943 3315 or +39 3517400599.   Documentation 2010 the land survey registered with Ragusa municipality. Walkthrough (Landscape)   Landscape (Portrait)   Areal Flyover Additional photos, and official plans available on request. To book a vie

Improvements to Holiday rental platforms to prevent abuse

  Introduction   This article is the product of an experience with a guest whose intentions were dubious. The platform on which this transaction occurred was When researching the topic and experience of other hosts, a number of pain points surfaced. This article collates the experiences of many hosts and provides recommendations that platforms should implement for the benefit of all parties. What happened  We have been operating as hosts for many years and use a number of platforms to promote our properties. Our reviews have been top-notch, and, broadly speaking, guests have been great and understanding. Like others, we experience our fair share of operational challenges. In our case, the two most notable ones were due to storm damage. On one occasion, lightning took out a handful of appliances; on the second, a storm blew a branch into a window. We were reactive and got everything operational to the guest's satisfaction. The guests gave us positive ratings, and one ha