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Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Complete Course


Type: Course

The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 is the first step towards a career in Microsoft Azure.

This website contains the entire course, including video tutorials, cheat sheets, study aids, and practise tests.

The first seven episodes are excellent as a general introduction to Cloud concepts. Following that, the focus shifts more towards Microsoft's own Cloud solution.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the cloud, learning about Microsoft Azure, or comparing Azure options to AWS services.

This course is three years old. Anyone planning to take the AZ-900 examinations should be informed that the course curriculum has changed.



Type: Podcast

This podcast is for you if you're interested in legislative technology policy and politics surrounding issues like the US's 26-word Section 230, EU legislation, government security backdoors, CSAM, and open standards. 

With the publication of his ground breaking essay "Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech" in 2019, the presenter, Mike Masnick, rose to fame. The New York Times carried a profile on him in July of this year. Presentations to the US Supreme Court have cited his publications.

"Even when you criticise us for making mistakes, I've always found your writing smart and reasonable", Mark Zuckerberg remarked of Mike. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, cited Mike as an inspiration when developing BlueSky, a Twitter clone.

Cloud Data Lakes for dummies

2nd Snowflake Special Edition


Type: e-Book 

This second version of David Baum's e-book, published under Wiley's for dummies instructional reference series, was prepared for Snowflake Inc. and can be obtained for free after registering your interest (business email required / phone can be left blank).

The 52-page book is an excellent read for anyone interested in learning more about the topic and better understanding how to manage risks and approach the topic to avoid mistakes that could jeopardise the success of a Cloud Data Lake project.

The book makes no attempt to hard sell Snowflakes' data-as-a-service or to disparage competing products.


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