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Replacement 40 x 20 mm, 5V Fan for 3Com Baseline Switch 2928-SFP Plus (Conclusion)

This article is the final part of the story titled Replacing a 40 x 20 mm, 5V Fan for a 3Com Baseline Switch 2928-SFP Plus . I chose the Noctua NF-A4x20 5V, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin, 5V Version ( affiliate link ) after I learned that these fans are high quality and very quiet. Noctua makes both 12V and 5V fans. The company also offers 3 and 4 wire variations for each. You need the 5V, 3-wire version for the 3Com Baseline Switch. I had a bad experience with Amazon's customer service when I tried to return the 12V version of this fan. Read about it here . The Noctua kit is well designed. It has a lot of parts to suit any situation you might face. I will only focus on the parts I used for this project. The fan connector on the 3Com is proprietary. I used the OmniJoin adapters that came with Noctua to connect the fan to the 3Com connector. I cut off the connector from the old fan and the connector from the Noctua fan. Each pair of wires (Black-Black, Red-Red, White-Yellow)

Great technology links - Great learning at zero cost - May 2024

In this edition of GTL, we explore some resources that you can use in your own creations. The links we look at include fonts, videos, graphics and music. You can use them to enrich your business, school or personal projects with a unique touch. Two of the links offer similar services, but more options are always better when it comes to resources. We avoided any "free" resources that turn out to be not-so-free. This means no credit card requirements, weird download hoops, or watermarks. We also steered clear of sites with restrictive use licenses. On the other hand, we supported sites that asked for attribution to the artist or a voluntary donation. This is a fantastic way to build a creative community! Giving credit shows respect for the artists' work and helps them gain recognition. After all, your creations are built upon the efforts of others, just like "standing on the shoulders of others" (if you want to know where this phrase comes from, visit Well-Known

Call to Action: Amazon must review its Customer Support Systems

The page relates to the article that explains how Amazon is organised to make it impossible for customers to receive the customer support they deserve. The article describes the tools made available to customer support agents to " get rid " of customers. Read the article How Amazon's Customer Support is rigged against consumers . Share on Social Amazon will only improve its customer support operation if it's forced to change. Share this article on social media. Here is a sample you can use:  " Amazon's customer support cheats consumers. Read about their tools and tricks. Amazon must change! #DemandBetterAmazon " The more this story trends, the more likely it is that Amazon will review and correct its behaviour. Tell your Regulators / Consumer groups Regulators can do a deep dive into these practices and force Amazon to change. At the end of this page is a list of entities you should write to. If you prefer, you can c

How Amazon's Customer Support is unfairly rigged against consumers

When an Amazon purchase goes well, no one notices. Upset and uncertainty is replaced by contentment when minor hiccups are resolved. A five-star rating may be downgraded to four- or three-star if the resolution is not as efficient as one would have expected. This article describes those instances when things go horribly wrong with Amazon and explains how Amazon is organised so that customers are not able to exercise their right to fair consumer remedies. The information is based on exchanges with Amazon UK customer service, although this will apply to any country that does not prohibit Amazon from this type of behaviour. Not every negative decision taken by Amazon is wrong, but customers have the right to a decision is based on in a timely manner.  When someone needs to communicate with Amazon, they can do so using a combination of chat, phone, and email. Chat Consumers communicating with customer support agents in a chat are not able to download the chat. After the agent shuts do