Call to Action: Amazon must review its Customer Support Systems

The page relates to the article that explains how Amazon is organised to make it impossible for customers to receive the customer support they deserve. The article describes the tools made available to customer support agents to "get rid" of customers. Read the article How Amazon's Customer Support is rigged against consumers.

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Amazon will only improve its customer support operation if it's forced to change. Share this article on social media. Here is a sample you can use: 

"Amazon's customer support cheats consumers. Read about their tools and tricks. Amazon must change! #DemandBetterAmazon"

The more this story trends, the more likely it is that Amazon will review and correct its behaviour.

Tell your Regulators / Consumer groups

Regulators can do a deep dive into these practices and force Amazon to change. At the end of this page is a list of entities you should write to.

If you prefer, you can copy and adapt the sample text below. Besides regulators, you can also contact consumer protection groups.


Please investigate Amazon Inc.'s customer support systems, processes, and tools. These are designed to make it difficult for consumers to have their customer support cases treated fairly and in a timely manner.

Here are some of the areas you should focus on: 

  • Consumers have no control over chat sessions with support agents. The moment an agent terminates the chat, the chat disappears. Customers are not able to review the exchange afterwards.
  • Consumers are not able to download copies of exchanges and metadata related to their case. This applies to phone, email, and chat.
  • Customer support agents are able to sabotage an ongoing exchange by changing the token that tracks the exchange. Consumers are not made aware of this action. Once a thread is diverted, customers end up in a frustrating, endless loop.
  • Customer support agents need to be retrained to provide truthful answers to customers rather than lead them on when they know that a customer's query cannot be resolved.
  • A combination of the techniques mentioned above is used tire out customers so that they give up seeking their rights.
  • Customers should be able to access customer support case data for at least 180 days from when it was generated or until the case is closed (which comes later).
Appropriate actions need to be taken to ensure that Amazon corrects its conduct so that customers are given the customer service they deserve.

I look forward to hearing about improvements in Amazon's customer service mechanism in the near future. The article at provides additional information.

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If your country is not listed, search for "Consumer Protection Regulator in <enter_your_country>".  Send us the regulator contact in your country so that we can update this list.

Country Entity Email / URL
UK Competition and Markets Authority
European Commission DG Competition for Antitrust, Cartels and general issues
US Local consumer protection office


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