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Dummy File Generator (DFG) Documentation and Case Example

Dummy File Generator (DFG) Documentation and Case Example Preamble This solution is published under the GNU General Public License v2.0 as at 20190326. Dummy File Generator v2 Dummy File Generator (DFG) is a program that allows you to replicate a directory structure containing sensitive files but replacing the sensitive files with dummy files of your choice. The purpose of DFG is to cater for those situations in which you are working with a vendor or on a development team (pre-production) and prefer to (or have a requirement to) have dummy files being handed over rather than sensitive files. You may be prohibited from providing actual files because the files contain sensitive data such as GDPR, or top-secret documents. Experimenting with (or distributing) actual files may be illegal or against organizational policy. Pen drives have been forgotten on trains!!!! With DFG you can provide third parties with an exact replica of the sensitive directory (re