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Facebook should NOT be your business

Part of the process of surviving a business is to promote it. You’ve put time, money and effort to grow it to its current state and you would like to retain (and ideally improve) on the growth rate. You’ve come to realise that the internet is another potential income stream and you need to cultivate and grow it. Each lead enforces your belief that a web presence is essential and you’ve decided to invest in growing this business branch. You consider setting up your online business on Facebook. After all you spend a considerable amount of time reading (and liking) posts of others. The Facebook like and thumbs up logo adorns every leaflet, brochure and shop window. According to Wikipedia, Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users. If you manage to tap into 0.01% (or even 0.001%) of this population it would shoot your sales off all your existing charts. Another interesting property of Facebook is that it is free. This fits quite nicely into your notion that everything on th

Avoiding accidents


20180815 - Triq l Imdina Attard Dog near Car Dealer attacks cyclists