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Strength and Perseverance

Just witnessed the incredible strength of #ants 🐜! A duo worked together to carry a dead pill bug up a steep step. The teamwork was astounding, with one ant even supporting its partner and the load. Nature's tiny powerhouses at work!  Follow This, That and (Maybe), the Other :

Dawn breaks

Dawn breaks, a symphony begins, A soft mooing in the distance, a day anew, Birdsong weaves through the cool morning air, a tranquil rendezvous. The world awakens, slow and sublime to the melodies of Birds, the minstrels of morning’s court, In the embrace of tranquillity's flow, Nature’s orchestra plays for those who listen, In its rhythm, we find a gentle glow. Awake in the sanctuary of sounds so pure, The hustle of life yet to unfurl, In this moment, with nature’s serenade, I am at peace with the waking world. Each chirp, each moo, a note so clear, Crafting a song of simple delight, Waking up with nature’s harmony, Bathed in the breaking dawn. Follow This, That and (Maybe), the Other :