Password Generator GUI (Python w/TKinter)

 This utility will allow you to generate a password based on the symbol sets you specify and desired length.

The password is copied to the clipboard for easy pasting.

Password Generator Window

Password LengthFrom 1 to 100
Use NumbersGenerated password may include [0-9]
Use lower lettersGenerated password may include [a-z]
User upper lettersGenerated password may include [A-Z]
Use special charactersGenerated password may include [`~!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]|:;"'<>,.?/]
Force 1st char as number / letterThe first character of the password cannot be a symbol
Avoid confusing charactersThe password will not include the following [lIO01]

The Generate Password button is used to produce a new password.

On Windows and Mac systems the generated passwords are automatically copied to the clipboard making the copy icon redundant. On Linux systems a Not implemented error could be thrown. The utility should work around this limitation. For information on how to install this functionality visit pyperclip's page at Welcome to Pyperclip’s documentation!

Download the solution from Github:


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