The Benefits of AWS DirectConnect

AWS DirectConnect enables organisations to establish dedicated and private network connections between their data centre and AWS Availability Zones. This service provides a secure, reliable, and high-bandwidth connection, creating a direct, Point-To-Point (PTP) link between the organisation and AWS. Without DirectConnect, data would have to be transmitted over the public internet. This adds an added risk that organisations may want to avoid.

Without AWS DirectConnect:

  • The organisation would have had to expose its data centres via public IP addresses because connectivity to AWS would take place over the internet.

  • On the public internet there may be nodes that operate the harvest-now, decrypt-in-the-future surveillance strategy that relies on the acquisition and long-term storage of currently unreadable encrypted data awaiting possible breakthroughs in decryption technology that would render it readable in the future.

  • When using the public internet, the maximum possible performance is that of the slowest hop.

  • Data transmission is highly unreliable on the public internet because all the intermediate nodes between the two endpoints are independent of the endpoints. Decisions taken by the node owners and events targeted at them could impact the overall performance of transmissions.

  • If a node goes down (hardware failure, DDoS, maintenance) the internet’s self-healing mechanism kicks in and traffic is rerouted but the new route is less efficient.

AWS DirectConnect provides:

  • Improved Security: DirectConnect connections are private and dedicated, ensuring that data remains secure in transit. This makes it an ideal choice for sensitive workloads and compliance requirements. Organisations can, on top of this, further encrypt their data in transit for an additional layer of security.

  • Cost Savings: By utilising DirectConnect, companies can reduce data transfer costs when compared to using the public internet for transferring data to and from AWS. This is because private routes are more reliable. Improved customer experience, and reduced risks are other indirect metrics that contribute towards a cost savings.

  • Quick Bandwidth Adjustments:Because this is a private PTP (point-to-point) connection, when there is a requirement to scale the network as requirements evolve, one simply has to raise a request. This adaptability is crucial for dynamic and growing businesses.

  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Connectivity: DirectConnect is an essential component for establishing hybrid cloud architectures, seamlessly integrating on-premises infrastructure with AWS services. It also plays a pivotal role in multi-cloud strategies, enabling organisations to connect to other cloud providers through DirectConnect partners.

  • Reliability and Redundancy: AWS DirectConnect provides options for redundant connections to ensure high availability. This means that in the event of a connection or data centre outage, business operations can continue without disruption on the backup connection and through the backup Availability Zone (AZ). The global presence of AWS means that the backup AZ could be in a different region thereby mitigating geographic risks.

AWS DirectConnect allows organisations looking to seamlessly integrate their existing on-premises infrastructure with the AWS cloud. Whether an organisation is starting their cloud journey or expanding their existing cloud footprint, AWS DirectConnect is a valuable tool for achieving a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud while maintaining the highest standards of performance and security.

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