ETransL Technical: Process Transactions


Quick overview

The module performs the transformation. Each row in the transactions file will correspond to an appended entry in the transformation file. Any errors or warnings are written to the log file.

It can be further subdivided into three:

  1. PreProcessing tasks
  2. Operations executions
  3. PostProcessing tasks

Flow Diagram



Solution walk through

  • Initialise the Transformation file

  • Initialise the Transaction Counter to zero

  • Initialise the Current Row to the row reference in the transaction file

  • While Current Row is less than or equal to the Last Transaction Row or the row referenced by Current Row is not blank

    • Increment the Transaction Counter by 1

    • Initialise the Output String that will eventually be written to the transformation file

    • Start Processing the Template file starting at column B onwards until there is a blank column.

      • If the Operation is not one of "SKCOMCTXRWICCMCF" log this as an error and stop processing.

      • If the Operation is SK advance to the next column

      • Update the MetaData, replacing any references to previously computed columns with the data

      • If the Operation is CO call module ProcessCO

      • If the Operation is MC call module ProcessMC

      • If the Operation is TX call module ProcessTX

      • If the Operation is RW call module ProcessRW

      • If the Operation is IC call module ProcessIC

      • If the Operation is CM call module ProcessCM

      • If the Operation is CF call module ProcessCF

      • The Operation module will return a string, Return Value based on its processing. Return Value is associated with this Title. This is done to allow Operations that follow this one to reference the output generated by this operation.

      • If this Title's Output is 'YReturn Value is appended to Output String

    • Write Output String to the Transformation file

    • Increment Current Row by 1

  • Exit the module

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