How To Reset the firmware, wifi on GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and sync it with latest version of GoPro Quik

Like others, I fished out my old Go Pro HERO 3+ and found that I could not link to it via WiFi because I had forgotten the password. A quick search on the internet and it seems that there are still many users of this good, albeit old Action Cam. Some had purchased one off eBay or from a second-hand shop while others, like me, found it in a drawer and decided to repurpose it. If the GoPro has not been used for a while it might not be on the latest firmware. Note that these models are no longer supported.

The common thread is that without the Wi-Fi SSID and password, it isn't possible to control the camera from the phone using GoPro's Quik software.

I referenced these sites:

1. HERO3/3+ Information And Troubleshooting: This is an official GoPro Site from where you can download the camera firmware and update the camera Wi-Fi for the HERO 3 and HERO 3+.

2. Software Update and Reset for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4: This is another source for firmware (covers more models) and there is an active discussion. 

3. GoProHero3Plus WiFi Reset- UPDATED LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW: This site pointed out that the file update.1x.txt varies according to the GoPro Hero model. 

Resetting the Wi-Fi - if you want to cover all HERO 3+ models

1. Download the archive from site (1) or (3). Extract the archive to an empty folder.

2. Edit the file update.1x.txt and replace the code with the following:

# Camera upgrade rules file


3. Save the file and make a copy of it. You should have two files: update.10.txt and update.11.txt. [GoPro will ignore the file that it does not reference]

4. Edit or create a file called using a text editor (such as Notepad). If you create the file make sure that Windows did not append .txt at the end. In the file enter the following:

 "current_password" : "",
 "token" : "",
 "wifi_ap": {
     "ssid": "GoProHero",
     "password": "setyourpass"
 "wifi_networks": []

Replace GoProHero and setyourpass with the values you want.  The first one is the SSID of the camera the second is the password related to that SSID.

5. Make sure the GoPro is powered off. Remove the micro SD card from the CAM and plug it into your computer.  If you have not used it in years have fun discovering what is on it :-). Although it is not necessary to format the card, doing so will not impact the process.

6. Copy the files to the root directory and make a second copy of the same files in a folder called UPDATE.  Again the reasoning here is that this approach will cover all scenarios.

7. Remove the micro SD card from the computer and insert it into the GoPro. Power up the GoPro. After a few seconds, you should get a message that the unit is updating. The GoPro will power cycle.

8. Once the process is complete, switch on the GoPro and its Wi-Fi. Use your phone to connect to it. It should appear as a WiFi hotspot although it will not be connected to the internet. This ensure process has been completed. Forget this Wifi so that your phone connects to the WiFi it was originally connected it.

Get GoPro Quik App to link to your GoPro 3/3+

All versions of the Quik app after 7 were not able to connect to my Android phone. My solution was the following:

1. I side-loaded GoPro Quik_7.3.2. I sourced mine from (GOPRO QUIK APK - 7.3.2).

2. I opened the app and was able to connect to my GoPro.

3. I did a software update (Play Store in my case) and it updated to the latest version of GoPro Quik (v 11.x.x)

The GoPro appears and once you connect you can control the functions of the GoPro from the Phone. 


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