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Computer & Technology Basics Course for Absolute Beginners


Type: Video from (YouTube)

This 1-hour video is a gentle introduction to Computers. It covers hardware, software, operating systems (Windows and Mac), data safety, ergonomics, cloud, and security.

Even though this is a primer, there would be a topic or two that would benefit those with many years of technology under their belt.

This link would make a great share with colleagues, family, and friends.

Security Now


Type: Podcast (Video, Audio and Live)

Now into its 19th year, with well over 900 episodes that are still downloadable, this podcast covers the topic of computer security. Steve Gibson expertly dives into security topics, meticulously taking them apart.

The strong and loyal audience is often technical experts in the area of security being discussed and contribute additional information. Discussions can be technical.

Anyone interested in learning how the security landscape changed over two decades may want to start with episode #001. The hand-transcribed show notes allow one to read along or find the episode in which particular topics were discussed.

If you are a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), listening to Security Now contributes to your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

AWS Insiders


Type: Podcast

The podcast covers cloud-related topics through guest interviews and topic discussions.

Rahul Subramaniam and Hilary Doyle present this podcast. Rahul is CEO of Cloudfix and a long-time AWS user. Cloudfix is a verified AWS partner.

Even though Rahul is a massive fanboy of AWS, he discusses AWS and their policies with an open mind. The guest list is quite varied, ranging from those with differing views of AWS strategies to those who have created successful solutions by building on this platform.

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