Malta Police Scam Call Recording

I just received a call from what appears to be a Maltese number (+356 9852 xxxx).  This audio has been adjust to make it easier to follow.

After a robotic recorded message the caller is asked to press one.  I followed instructions and got to a live person with a strong Indian accent. 

When I explained that I was recording the message for my blog, inviting the person to speak slowly, his police business no longer seemed to be the agenda of the day and he hung up.

 A copy of the original recording together with the full number has been passed on to the authorities.

If you get a call with a similar message you may want to hang up if you're not comfortable engaging with the caller. 

Call Transcript


(recorded message) This message is from Malta police department. We have found some suspicious activities on your e-identity card. We are filing a lawsuit against you for money laundering and drug trafficking and there is an arrest warrant on your name. On immediate base press one to reach the investigation officer for further information.

(pressed '1' on phone)

(scammer) Thank you for calling the Malta police department. How can I help you today?
I don't know. You tell me; I'm a security investigator. What's your name please?
(scammer) <mumbling> First of all, So your 

What is your name please? What is your name please?
(scammer) <mumbles something>

Yes sir

(scammer) mumbles something

I didn't understand speak very slowly, please, because I'm recording the call. I'm going to put it on my blog. So if you can speak very, very, very slowly, it

(scammer) <hangs up>


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